Schoolhouse Cabin...Sleeps 8.. but up to 12

The Largest Cabin on the Ranch, and arguably the most private is the Schoolhouse, with its large outdoor deck and great living room with a giant fireplace. Among the 4 beds, 2 are in a separate room on the 2nd floor, accessible only by a spiral staircase! This is where you want to put the kids. Sleeper sofas in the living room accomodate another 4 people.
RATES for Schoolhouse: $325 per night (4 people). Additional Guests: $20

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Real Log Cabins

Schoolhouse, like all the cabins at the Ranch, are made using timbers of equal diameter, stacked uniformily to create walls; the very structure of the cabin relies on this unique design, that has been around for 200 years.

The spaces between where the logs rest upon each other is filled with a sealing material. Modern-day products are designed to withstand temperature ranges to ensure good insulation but also longevity.

Because the timbers used to build our cabins are nearly a foot in diameter, they provide natural insulation for both seasons, to keep you comfortable whenever you're here.


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